What Matters to Home Buyers in 2017?

As the 2017 real estate market begins heating up, are you considering selling your home? If so, you’ll want to be up to date on what buyers are looking for. As we mentioned in our recent post on 2017 real estate trends, walkability and urban-style amenities are very popular these days. There is even a new term for urban-meets-suburban living. Get ready for a lot of discussion surrounding “surban” living this year.

So, what matters to home buyers in 2017?

Walkability within one’s neighborhood is more important than ever. Home buyers want to live in close proximity to parks and grocery stores instead of feeling surrounded by other homes. How important is it? 39% of home buyers say walkability is a top priority for them.

Since walkability is so important, it’s no surprise that living in near work is a top priority for today’s buyers. As we all know, the closer we live to our jobs, the less time we have to spend commuting each day.

If you are accustomed to a suburban lifestyle, would it surprise you that public transportation is increasingly popular among home buyers? Today’s buyers intend to be less car-reliant than ever.

Infographic: What Matters to Home Buyers in 2017



Are you planning to purchase a home? What features in a home or neighborhood are most important to you?

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