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home renovationsIn our last post, we shared an infographic chronicling the top five home renovations to avoid when you are preparing to sell your home. Which begs the question: “now that I know what to avoid, what home renovations should I spend my money and attention on?” To get the highest return on investment, your pre-move repairs should focus on both the appearance of your home and its underlying structure.

These days, high ticket updates don’t have a great return on investment. Your best bets include projects that beautify your home’s exterior, along with smaller in-home fixes.

Our top home renovations to prepare your home for sale:

1. Beautify the front yard
First impressions are of utmost importance when selling your home! Refresh your front yard by removing weeds, trimming shrubs, removing dead vegetation, and creating an overall tidy and welcoming entrance to your home.

2. Replace your front door
Another key aspect of your potential buyer’s first impression. The front door! If your door hasn’t been replaced in a long time and is showing wear, now is the time to replace it. Choose a steel door, and you will recoup the renovation cost entirely and beyond. According to Forbes, you will regain 102% of the investment on a new front door. Not a bad way to go!

3. Tend to your roof
There are few things a buyer wants to hear less than, “This home needs a new roof.” Since this is an expensive fix, buyers won’t be eager to buy your home … and then spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof. You’ll want to take on this repair prior to putting your home on the market.

4. Deck addition
Everyone loves an inviting exterior living space. Who doesn’t want to picture warm summer evenings on a private back deck? You’ll recoup 90% of what you spend on a deck addition.

5. No leaky pipes!
Another important yet not-so-glamorous home renovation is updating your plumbing. Replace any old or leaky pipes to add significant value to your home.

6. Double-pane windows
If your home has single-pane windows, consider updating to double-pane. Double-pane windows are today’s standard for a few reasons: they keep out excess noise and help with temperature control year round.

7. Update your kitchen
The kitchen always attracts a lot of buyer attention. Skip adding luxury appliances but do be sure to make small–yet important–updates by replacing cabinet and drawer knobs and sink faucets. If the wood on your cabinets is looking worn, refinish them before your home goes on the market.

Did you make home renovations to improve your home’s value? Let us know about your projects in the comments section below!

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  1. Through my normal course of business I call on a lot of homes (I’m a mortgage broker) and if the home has a well kept lawn and garden (nice and green with lush foliage) it can do wonders for most homes. If it’s unkempt it’s like looking at a picture that doesn’t have a frame.

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