The Housing Market: From Bust to Boom

The housing market is a hot conversation topic across the nation. While some markets crawl back from the last housing bust, other markets–the San Francisco Bay Area included–vaulted to a housing boom. You’ve likely seen news articles stating that the Bay Area’s housing market is the hottest in the country. With record rents, skyrocketing home prices, and tons of new commercial and residential building, the Bay Area housing boom is impossible to ignore whether you are a resident or visitor. But how do other metro areas compare?

Here are the ten U.S. cities with the strongest housing market recovery:

Infographic of boom and bust in U.S. housing market

With the San Francisco Bay Area being home to two of the ten strongest metros in the housing recovery, it’s no surprise that we are also home to the nation’s hottest housing market. San Jose’s recovery is astounding: among the cities represented in this infographic, it took the biggest blow during the housing bust and is now home to some of the highest median home prices in the country.

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