Home Buyer Expenses

If you are planning to buy a home soon, you’ll want to consider how much money to set aside for additional expenses beyond those associated with the home purchase, moving expenses, and insurance changes. If you haven’t moved in awhile it can be difficult to determine just how much you’ll be spending after moving day. This infographic includes details on some common home buyer expenses to make post-move budgeting a little easier.

Home Buyer Expenses Infographic


If you’re planning to purchase a fixer upper, you likely already planned on some heavy post-purchase expenditures. Regardless of home condition, most buyers find themselves purchasing kitchen and laundry appliances, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and window coverings. Seems pretty basic, doesn’t it? It adds up quickly; new home owners can easily accrue over $5,000 in costs for home essentials. Luckily, if you’re aware of these expenses as you head into the home-buying process, you will be less prone to sticker shock and it will be easier enjoy selecting your new home’s furniture and appliances.

What post-move purchases do you plan to make after buying a home?

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