Do Green Homes Sell Better?

Eco-friendly living is a trend on the rise and here to stay. Green homes save money on energy costs, so what’s not to like? Despite monthly cost savings and environmental benefits, home owners often wonder if the effort they put into making a green home will pay off when the time comes to sell. Is an eco-friendly home synonymous with a higher price tag? It depends.

Installing ceiling fans, energy-efficient windows, and rain-catching systems all increased home sale prices between two and nearly eight percent. On the contrary, air-cleansing systems, Energy Star certified appliances, and energy-efficient doors negatively impacted sales by approximately 1.5 to four percent. Even more surprising: though solar panels become more popular among green home advocates and are increasingly cheaper to install, a home with solar panels negatively impacts home sale prices by 0.3%.

Studies show that home buyers are, above all, concerned with their bottom line:

Eco-Friendly Home Features


If you’re planning to stay in your current home for awhile, installing all of the items above makes good sense. But if you’re installing eco-friendly upgrades for the sole purpose of increasing ROI, be careful which projects you choose!

Looking for more ideas on how to make your house an eco-friendly home? Check out our five tips for greening your home.

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