Curb Appeal Ideas

A home with beautiful curb appealNo matter what time of year it is, curb appeal is an important aspect of selling your home. From landscaping to painting, it’s okay to keep it simple so long as it looks clean and welcoming.

When you’re thinking about what changes to make to your home’s outdoor appearance, consider this: when a potential buyer arrives at your home, your yard and the front of your house are the first things they will see. How will they feel? Welcome? Comfortable?

According to the BMO Financial Group, 80% of home buyers know whether or not a home is for them the moment they cross the threshold. This makes those moments when they are walking up to your home even more important.


The Home Seller’s Guide to Curb Appeal


If you have a lawn, make sure it is mowed. And if you live in a place with drought issues, like California, consider replacing your water-dependent grass with native plants and succulents. Your yard doesn’t have to be green and grassy to look nice! Whatever you choose, ensure your landscaping looks thoughtful and well kept. Sweep the walkway and trim the bushes!

Can’t afford the time or money on intricate landscaping? Ensure everything in your current landscaping is clean, trimmed, and tidy, and place some potted plants next to your front door instead.

Your Home’s Exterior

How is your home’s paint job looking? If it’s showing wear and tear, it is time to repaint. If your walls look dirty but the paint is still in good condition, a power wash will do the trick.

If your garage door is visible when someone approaches your home, make sure it is in good condition. Paint it if there are scuff marks, and try to pop out any dents that have accrued over the years.

And then, of course, there’s your front door. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, now is the perfect time to replace it. If you’re worried about shelling out the cash for a new front door, don’t worry. A steel front door replacement recoups 125% of its cost upon selling the home.

Kicking it up a notch

Have you touched up your lawn, entry, and exterior walls but are still feeling like something is missing? Try planting some colorful flowers or adding window boxes to the front of your home. If your windows are showing their age, consider replacing them.


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