Autumn Home Selling Tips

autumn decor - tips for selling your home in autumnWith the beginning of autumn comes the end of real estate high season in most markets. If your home is still on the market after summer or if you are getting ready to sell your home this autumn, don’t worry. High season may be over, but fall is the second-best time of year to sell your home. Plenty of buyers are still house hunting between Labor Day and the end of December! Our autumn home selling tips will help you capitalize on a fantastic fall sale.

1. A tidy exterior
Just as you would when selling your home during spring or summer, keeping a tidy home exterior is a must when selling your home in autumn too. If your trees are shedding leaves, be sure to rake them regularly. Consider planting autumn flowers such as chrysanthemums and dahlias near your home’s entrance.

2. Upgrade your lighting
Sellers rely heavily on long days and natural light in the summertime. As we enter seasons of shorter days, ensuring your home is well-lit with warm light is essential.

3. Autumn decor
A perk of selling your home in autumn? The opportunity to capitalize on autumn-centric decor and tasteful holiday decorations! We’re hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a decorative gourd.

4. Cozy scents make sense
Enhance the welcoming qualities of your home and seasonal decor by roasting cinnamon sticks or a pumpkin pie in the oven or by warming apple cider on your stovetop. Help potential buyers envision themselves spending a cozy holiday season in their new home!

5. The price is right
Discuss your home’s selling price with your real estate agent. They will provide you with statistics on the sale of similar properties and will advise on whether or not the season must be taken into account when pricing your home for sale.


Still worried? AOL Real Estate offers an excellent list of reasons why autumn is prime home-selling season. What autumn home selling tips have worked well for you? Join the conversation in the comments section below!


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